When I was a little girl I would pick flowers from our garden and flip them upside-down to imagine them as gowns;

I’d twirl them around between my fingertips watching the petals flow and dance through the air...


I began sewing around the age of eight. With a dress form and various lengths of randomly acquired fabric - I’d drape and pin and dream of the possibilities and the extravagant dresses of my future.

It is a passion that surfaced early in my life.

Sometimes I hand-sew, other times I use my vintage machines, usually it’s a combination of the two.

I draw inspiration from the feel and drape of the beautiful fabrics and vintage laces that I use in my designs. 

Often times I don’t know what I’m about to create,

It kind of just happens.

Because each dress is as unique as you are, sales and fittings vary. I host ChalcedonyNovu events throughout the year with pieces available for purchase. I am available worldwide for bridal consultations and personal fittings.